Interim Managment

Resources for Interim Management Executives

We understand the challenges that interim executives face, from securing their next appointment to managing client relationships. With our extensive experience, we have compiled a range of resources to help you overcome these challenges with advice including:

  • Tips for successful interim management

  • Managing your personal brand as an interim executive

  • Navigating the interim management market

  • Understanding and negotiating contracts

  • Building effective client relationships

How we can help Interim Executives

  • Getting organised

  • Already secured your own assignment?

  • Joint venture and assignment sharing

  • International assignments

Getting Organised

We recommend setting up a company with an Australian Company Number (ACN) to operate as an interim executive, rather than working as a sole trader with an Australian Business Number (ABN). 

This approach offers several benefits, including:

  • Personal control over invoices and superannuation payments

  • Ability to work with multiple clients more easily 

  • A more professional look 

  • Quick setup of insurance coverage: personal indemnity, public liability, and workers compensation once a contract is secured 

  • As an interim executive subcontracted through us, Omera Partners will be responsible for payroll tax

Already secured your own assignment?

We understand many interim executives prefer to source their own assignments but require assistance for administration, payments, and compliance. Using our comprehensive contract management service allows you to focus on your work while we take care of everything else.

Our cost-effective PAYG contract management service includes:

  • Assuming the financial risk for the contract 

  • Independent vetting and reference checking 

  • Establishment of all legal contracts 

  • Responsibility for all tax and compliance 

  • Insurance coverage - workers compensation, public liability, and personal indemnity 

  • A regular payment cycle 

  • Simple administration fees 

  • Access to our support staff 

  • The ability to work with Commonwealth and State Governments through our panel status

With Omera Partners as your contract management provider, you can be sure that your self-sourced assignments will be managed professionally and efficiently, allowing you to focus on delivering results for your clients.

Joint venture and assignment sharing.

Working as an Interim executive with Omera Partners opens broader opportunities to you through our extensive global network of contacts, resources, and support as well as tapping into our years of corporate experience.

Access a global network of Interim Management contacts

Omera Partners is an active member of Interim Management Worldwide (IMW), collaborating with partner firms to deliver interim assignments globally and locally.

With associated partner firms in 40 countries and partner branches in 25 countries including, Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle-East, IMW in conjunction with Omera Partners can deliver services seamlessly across the world in any market.

The members of IMW have additional associated relationships with interim executive resourcing businesses in other countries. The total numbers of interim executives now accessible totals more than 200,000 individuals.

Omera Partners in conjunction with Interim Management Worldwide can secure overseas contracts in the following locations:

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