Legal, Company Secretarial, Governance

Legal, Company Secretarial, and Governance C-suite executives play a pivotal role in upholding the ethics, integrity and sustainability of an organisation. Their role is crucial as they strive to support the business in achieving its commercial and strategic objectives while mitigating risks, ensuring legal compliance, and adhering to the principles of sound governance - especially during periods of change and uncertainty.

Our Approach

With a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of these functional roles, our Partners are adept at identifying and securing the very best talent that possess the necessary expertise, knowledge, and leadership capabilities.

We recognise the significance of these leadership appointments and the impact they have on the overall success and reputation of organisations.

In an era characterised by an increased emphasis on strategic decision-making, risk mitigation, crisis management, regulatory compliance, and governance processes, identifying and retaining talented executives and leaders is critical.

Our Partners understand the current market demands and can help uncover commercially astute, strategic individuals, with the acumen and experience to navigate the challenges posed by a never-evolving commercial landscape with the complexities of digital and technological revolution.

We invest significant time in analysing our clients' businesses, their strategic priorities, and cultivating trusted advisor relationships grounded in a rounded understanding of not only the role, but also the culture and ethos of the organisation. Our search process always includes meticulous assessments and analysis of an individual’s strengths, ensuring they align with team dynamics, desired business outcomes, and succession planning strategies.

With our expertise spanning diverse industries and sectors, we bring extensive experience collaborating with ASX listed companies, private enterprises, as well as public sector entities, including government departments and statutory authorities. Our track record boasts numerous successful leadership appointments, accompanied by the establishment of high-performing teams and, in times of significant change, entire functions.

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