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Appointing an inspiring and exceptional Chief Executive Officer is critical to the success of every organisation. They lead and implement the vision across strategy , business and culture, so Omera Partners takes great pride in providing a comprehensive and inclusive approach to CEO selection and development.

Our Approach

We have a profound appreciation for the significance of the Chief Executive role, not only within the organisation butalso the impact they can have on a wider societal and economic level.

Over the last two decades we have meticulously designed our suite of services to provide a comprehensive CEO journey experience. We cover every aspect, from the initial briefing, the successful appointment, through seamless onboarding to smooth transitions, leadership guidance, and ongoing development.

Drawing upon their personal insights gained from significant executive roles and specialised search experience, our Partners collaborate closely with clients to thoroughly understand the organisation's board, strategy, vision, objectives, culture, and requirements.

We then undertake our sophisticated search and succession process using our extensive network of influential connections within a varied group of stakeholders from blue-chip companies, innovative contemporary organisations through to advisory entities and where appropriate, the investment community. We amplify this with the collective expertise of our collaborative team of CEO research specialists to identify diverse, exceptional candidates that align with your strategic objectives and indicators of success.

This powerful synergy between research and personal networks, ensures that our CEO search is consistently ranked amongst the industry's finest.

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