Risk and Compliance

At Omera Partners, we recognise the critical importance of managing Risk and Compliance across your entire organisation. Boards and CEO's must prioritise risk mitigation and uphold the highest level of compliance across a myriad of areas. In today's rapidly evolving digital business landscape, the proliferation of complex cyber and IT threats will always pose an ever-present and ongoing risk to every organisation, however priority is increasingly being given to addressing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues.

Our Approach

Recent heightened government legislation and regulations in many sectors including utilities and infrastructure, but in particular, the financial services sector post the Banking Royal Commission, has raised the focus on Governance obligations.

Above and beyond these challenges, every organisation now has to address and manage the existential threat of climate change. Management now requires active strategies to minimise its effect on operations now and in the future. 

Our Partners possess extensive experience ineffectively recruiting senior compliance and risk professionals for roles such as Chief Risk Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, and equivalent positions.

We collaborate closely with you to find commercially astute and strategic individuals with the expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of an ever-changing commercial landscape.

We invest considerable the time to understand your organisation’s current risk requirements, operational resilience needs, strategic priorities, and a holistic understanding of not just the role, but also your culture and ethos. In particular in the area of Compliance, the culture that leaders create and foster within an organisation is critical to the overall approach to upholding government regulation and company values.

By leveraging our research expertise, extensive global professional networks, and deep understanding of what your organisation needs to be operationally secure, we are uniquely positioned to identify highly accomplished Risk and Compliance leaders across all risk disciplines, or full risk and compliance teams that can drive robust business outcomes for your organisation.  

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