Government, Non-profit, and Education

The public sector often faces incredibly complex challenges when balancing long term, societally impactful endeavours, with shorter more immediate necessities. Omera Partners works closely with the Government, Non-profit, and Education sectors to identify inspirational, diverse leaders for these critically important executive roles that have a significant influence and impact on Australian society.

Our Approach

Our Partners have extensive experience in the complex, sensitive, and often public nature of these sectors. They understand that clients in this sphere rightly put diversity, cultural awareness, and diplomacy on par with exceptional leadership skills for these critical roles.

This sector also has unique challenges for executives: mandatory management transitions, ambitious goals to solve complex wide-ranging societal issues with significant financial constraints all whilst being under critical media and public scrutiny.

We understand it takes a special leader to embrace all this and arrive ready to create innovative and achievable solutions. Our documented experience in filling prestigious public sector roles and anaging statutory appointments equips us well to successfully navigate the distinctive needs of Government, Non-profit, and Education clients.

Leveraging our international network of transformational leaders, our Partners can provide invaluable support to clients across:

  • Academia and research
  • Arts and culture
  • Associations
  • For-profit education
  • Global development and philanthropy
  • Government - local, state and federal
  • Social causes and welfare
  • Sports business

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