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Our Executive Search Practice creates greatness for our clients by connecting them with inspirational senior leaders who drive extraordinary strategic and operational success.

With Partners who all possess deep industry expertise and by extension senior functional role knowledge, a world class in-house research team, and our proprietary quantitative / qualitative search tools, we uncover exceptional, diverse talent from within Australia, New Zealand, broader Asia Pacific and frequently globally.

Creating success through delivering world-class leaders

Omera Partners has successfully completed over 3500 executive appointments: this is significantly more than any other Australian headquartered advisory firm.

Diversity is a core value at Omera Partners, both in-house and for every C-suite assignment we undertake. We place a strong emphasis on diversity of gender, ethnicity, and age, as well as diversity of thought and experience.

There are six key pillars of our Executive Search Practice:

1.  Succession Planning and Internal Assessment

Succession planning is crucial for boards and CEOs to ensure operational continuity when faced with key personnel changes. Omera Partners provides thoughtful counsel in planned and proactive succession planning.

We are an experienced and steady partner in times of uncertainty when sudden and unplanned departures occur. Our experienced team thoroughly assesses internal candidates and benchmarks their qualifications against the best the external market has to offer, providing valuable insights and recommendations for seamless leadership transitions.

2.  Market Mapping, Competitor Analysis and M&A

Omera Partners has the largest and most respected fully Australian based research teams of any executive search firm. So, we are well resourced and expertly positioned to deliver leading organisations the best analysis of the global corporate landscape.

3.  Corporate Expansion into Asia-Pacific

When global organisations venture into the Asia Pacific region, we partner with them to launch into new markets. We specialise in identifying experienced locally domiciled leaders who fit within the cultural expectations of the global client, enabling seamless integration to the local market. Our Partners understand the unique dynamics, particularly of the Asia Pacific market ensuring successful corporate expansion and future operational success.

4.  Advisory

Omera Partners provides advisory services to leading organisations on key areas including remuneration and contracts. With access to a vast amount of current sector and role data and our in-depth knowledge of the market, we prepare bespoke reports tailored to each clients' specific needs. Whether it's benchmarking compensation packages or providing insights on market expectations or trends, our advisory services add significant value to our clients' decision-making processes.

5.  Government and Not for Profit

Our public sector clients include departments and agencies across all levels of government and all jurisdictions, as well as regulators, and government-owned enterprises operating in commercially competitive, service delivery sectors. 

We have operated at the nexus of government, private and community sectors and the not for profit space – and intimately understand the nuances of working with and managing the expectations of stakeholders and are highly skilled in assessing private sector candidates for their potential to be successful in the government and the not for profit environment. 

The strength of our Government practice is complemented by deep expertise across a range of industry sectors, adding substantial value to our Government executive search and recruitment practice, including the capacity to search and recruit broadly across the private sector.  This is particularly relevant, as many of the senior public sector search briefs we undertake encompass the need to actively target private sector candidates.

Our differentiations stem from our determination to be a unique partner and voice for clients requiring emerging leaders, across both the public sector and the private sector. Throughout the past 22 years we have developed our practice based on the strength of our relationships and not simply via an aggregation of transactions.

6.  International Expertise

Omera Partners has, via 20 years of delivering top 10% talent for our clients, established itself as a leading provider of international executive search services. With a wealth of experience spanning numerous diverse geographies and industries, our Partners possess a deep understanding of the global talent landscape and have carefully curated global networks of business leaders. Their proven track records in identifying and securing top-level executives has earned them a reputation for excellence and results across numerous global markets.

At Omera Partners, we view each C-suite assignment as a partnership to identify the very best high performing leaders for our clients and by extension to connect them with culturally aligned success focused organisations. We proudly deliver exceptional outcomes for clients and change talented individuals lives for the better.

Matt Hagen

Managing Partner

Angela Clelland


Carlos  de Oglou


Damian Tynan


Deep Zimmermann


Joanna Taylor


Jonathan Harper


Lisa Maloney


Liska Turner


Neil Emmerson


Rebecca Williamson


Warren McAuley


Vanessa Stack


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