Customer Officer, Digital Officer and Marketing Officer

Consumer and digital transformation is now never-ending and is dramatically re-shaping our lives. It is having an unprecedented, yet exciting impact across every area of your organisation. To be prepared to harness what comes next you need senior leaders who are engaged, customer centric and intuitively aware of what is possible now, what’s over the horizon, and how your business can creatively harness these opportunities.

Our Approach

Our Partners understand the creative and diverse senior customer, marketing, and digital executives you need to face the challenges of today, along with the agility to manage the rapidly changing landscape. We uncover nimble, commercially driven thought-leaders who can drive innovation, digital capabilities with strategic priorities while building powerful cross-functional teams across data, technology, digital marketing, and customer officers.

We identify senior marketing executives who will grow your business and drive sales, particularly in changing economic times. Organisations need contemporary customer-centric, digital first, marketers who also understand the impact of strong brand and customer management. They can quantify and harness this with data analytics and insights to grow the customer experience. In addition, they can also build creative, innovative teams that will unlock your organisation’s authentic story and voice which translates to building connections with your audience and stakeholders. 

We deliver diverse talent solutions across allof today’s customer, digital and marketing functions, including:

  • Digitaland e-commerce
  • M-commerce
  • Brand development and strategy
  • Online and mobile marketing
  • New product development, proposition development and product management
  • Research, insight, data, and analytics
  • Brand communications
  • Business intelligence
  • Social media
  • Digital strategy, transformation, and architecture
  • Customer experience

Damian Tynan


Henny O'Brien

Associate Partner - Marketing, Consumer, Telecommunication

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